Ask The Buddhist Therapist Series

It is the experimental project between Karuna Cayton and Ocean of Compassion Buddhist Center, the interactive presentation that will delve into modern day psychological questions and their Buddhist psychological approach. Karuna discusses the challenges in our daily lives, and how we can approach our problems from a Buddhist perspective. He draws from his unique background in Modern Psychology and Buddhist Philosophy to give you answers that you will not find anywhere else. The classes are interactive, with lots of Q & A with Karuna.

Class I – Introduction

Class II – Anxiety (session 1)

Class III – Subject of Anxiety (session 2) or Watch FB Live Stream

Class IV – Subject of Loss and Grief or Watch FB Live Stream

Class V – Subject of Depression (session 1) or Watch FB Live Stream

Class VI – Subject of Depression (session 2) or Watch FB Live Stream

Class VII – Subject of Depression (session 3) Watch FB Live Stream

Class VIII – Interventions for Dealing with Depression (session 4) or Watch FB Live Stream


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