Discover how to take control and make long-lasting, positive changes to your life both at work and at home…

EXECUTIVE MENTORING – Shift the Way You Lead

Are you an executive who is ready to take on a completely different paradigm in leadership and management? Our mentoring is personal and focused on the specific and unique needs of the individual. Click HERE for more details on Executive Mentoring

PERSONAL MENTORING – Shift the Way You Live

Inner transformation as the source of mental health, balance and happiness. Overcome difficulties by solving your problems internally to discover lasting solutions, Become your own therapist, coach and psychologist, able to self-diagnosis and apply the ancient tried and true interventions you’ve learned. Please note: Our therapies do not replace clinical treatments for serious or severe mental illness. Click HERE for more details on Personal Mentoring

TRAINING – Create your new reality

Target the root cause of problems and help to restore balance and happiness from the inside out. Replace old ideas with new ones to create fresh perspectives on how you approach your work and life, and the relationships around you. Click HERE for more details on Training

Your thinking partner and life balance mentor

Everyone has problems—that’s a fact of life. However, the way we deal with those problems can make a profound difference to our quality of life and our ability to transform the world around us.

The Karuna Group offers a unique inner approach to help individuals, groups and organizations discover how to take control and make long-lasting, positive changes to their lives, both at work and at home.

We bring a completely different paradigm to professional and personal development. Our thinking partnerships and mentoring combine modern and timeless systems of thought and techniques that enhance all aspects of every-day life.

Our clients are awakened to a new way of being: at work; in relationships; and in the world. One that roots out the cause of problems and replaces it with the essential attributes for organizational and personal health and wellbeing.