2017 Programs:

Ask the Buddist Therapist
Friday, January 27
7:00pm – 9:00pm in PDT

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Ocean of Compassion Buddhist Center
Karuna will be teaching live from Campbell, CA.
Anyone around the world can join from their computer, iPad, or smartphone.
The class will be interactive, with lots of Q & A with Karuna.

We will be experimenting with a new, interactive presentation that will delve into
modern day psychological questions and their Buddhist psychological approach.
How to connect and participate as well as other details will come soon.

You can attend either in person at the Ocean of Compassion Buddhist Center or online. Details on how to join online will be provided after your REGISTRATION HERE.

Loving Kindness Retreat
Friday, January 27 JAN 20 (eve) to Jan 22 (midday)
Land of Medicine Buddha Buddhist Center

7pm Friday – first session, Intro to Loving Kindness
10am Saturday – first session of the day
5pm Saturday – end of the day’s sessions
10am Sunday – first session of the day
12:30pm Sunday – end of the day’s sessions

Start out this year cultivating loving kindness with guided meditations and discussions led by Venerable Drimay and Karuna Cayton.

Sessions will include explanation, meditation, and discussion led by Venerable Drimay and Karuna Cayton. We will bring the practice of Chenrezig (Skt. Avalokiteshvara) into our meditations – with mantra and visualization – to receive the blessings of the buddha of compassion.

LOVING KINDNESS is one of the stepping stones to a genuine bodhisattva attitude (bodhichitta), the courageous compassion that is essential for reaching full enlightenment (buddhahood). There has never been a buddha who didn’t have universal loving kindness and compassion. If we want to become a buddha, we need to develop loving kindness.

The Buddhist definition of loving kindness – or just love (Skt. maitri; Tib. jampa) – is wishing someone to be happy. A wise love also understands the underlying causes of happiness and the obstacles to happiness. In this weekend retreat we will investigate the seeds of loving kindness within in us, how to have loving kindness for ourselves, our attitudes towards various types of people, why we care about some and not others, and how to start developing a more open-hearted attitude to all.