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Corporate-Based Mindfulness  

Mindfulness is the fuel of clear thought and decision making.

This in-house training course universally applies to corporate teams and individuals interested in maximising their potential through everyday practices that make them better people and better performers.

Simple methods that give you the competitive edge 

Mindfulness training enables people to be more proactive, and better able to respond to everyday challenges. It is a simple way of being acutely aware, focused and discerning and able to face situations openly and directly.

In the workforce, the ability to harness thought and action that leads to purposeful endeavour and success not only gives corporations the competitive edge but also a point of difference.

Through a corporate culture of mindfulness, companies can quickly reap benefits. Leaders possess the skills and agility to meet and manage fast-paced change and market volatility.

Better work places recruit better people

As workplaces of choice, mindful companies attract, recruit and retain people who thrive in and contribute to a healthy and highly stimulating environment.

Through mindfulness training and practice you can:

  • Enhance your overall health and lessen stress, anger and mood disturbances
  • Gain higher productivity
  • Free ourselves from complacency and habitual thought patterns
  • Develop more attuned, dynamic and responsive work teams.

Science behind mindfulness

Our methods are powerful but practical. Our CBMT framework combines reliable research and science, neurology and psychology specifically aimed to meet the needs of corporate people.

Flexible delivery

We deliver CBMT in-house and offer support through a wide range of delivery methods including:

1.   Open/public workshops

2.   Private/in-house workshops

3.   One-on-one coaching

4.   Group coaching

5.   Open & Private live and pre-recorded online.

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The Misleading Mind

This enriching course brings a radical new approach to all those seeking an enduring and authentic pathway to happiness and fulfilment.

Based on a blend of ancient Asian and modern Western psychology, The Misleading Mind throws open the door to understanding the root cause of problems. The fact is we are controlled by our mind and its untamed emotions.  So, by knowing our mind we are able to take control of it.

In this course participants develop a solid understanding of the 3 primary disturbing emotions, the way they rob us of our mental balance, and the 4 steps that lead to long-lasting command over destructive thought.

Throughout the course the mind training exercises will help to transform unhelpful patterns and ways of thinking into opportunities for personal discovery, growth and change. Participants gain new perspectives and empowerment through challenging and overcoming thoughts and emotions that hold them back from claiming true happiness.

Healing occurs on a deep level, over time, and the methods used continue to have effect as they become a part of everyday life.

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