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Ask the Buddist Therapist Series 2017

Ocean of Compassion Buddhist Center

Karuna will be teaching live from Campbell, CA.
Anyone around the world can join from their computer, iPad or smartphone.
The class will be interactive, with lots of Q & A with Karuna.
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Loving Kindness Retreat

January 20 (eve) to Jan 22 (midday) 2017

Land of Medicine Buddha Buddhist Center
Soquel, CA (Santa Cruz County)
Start out this year cultivating loving kindness with guided meditations and
discussions led by Venerable Drimay and Karuna Cayton.
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Kadampa Centre interview – Questions and Answers with Karuna Cayton 

Read the Metapsychology review of The Misleading Mind 

Inc. Magazine highlights The Misleading Mind and Karuna in “Entrepreneurs’ Secret Anti-Stress Weapon.” Read the article

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The Santa Cruz Sentinel interviewsKarunae.
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Karuna Cayton: The Misleading Mind, Authors at Google

Psychotherapist and author Karuna Cayton talks about his book “The Misleading Mind: How We Create Our Own Problems and How Buddhist Psychology Can Help Us Solve Them”. While the essence of the wisdom he presents is central to Buddhism, he covers it in a way that is accessible to all.


Workshop series – The Misleading Mind Misleads Again

The Misleading Mind Part II is a further exploration of the ideas presented in the recently published book “The Misleading Mind” by Karuna. This class, like the book, is designed for non-Buddhists and Buddhists alike.

Buddhist psychology offers a robust, extensive and complete explanation of the nature of mind, how problems arise, and how to become mentally healthy. These ideas are not religious but secular and scientific. While the foundation of these principles and practices were presented in Part I in April – May, now, we will delve deeper into the ideas presented as well as cover some content that was not explored in the Part I.

Some of the principles in the book that were not covered in first workshop (Part I) are, “What is the role of enthusiasm with our mental well-being?”, “How do mental imprints play a role in our mental health and our mental dis-ease?”, “Is compassion a ‘feel-good’ idea or an antidote to mental disturbances?”.  Additionally, the practice of enquiry in mind-training will be more extensively explained and integrated into the ABCD-E methodology.

An overview of The Misleading Mind Part I will be presented for those students who did not attend the first workshop and for those students who did attend but need a refresher.

This class series on the book will include lectures, discussion, and meditation. The lively exercises and inspiring real-world examples Karuna provides can help you transform intractable problems and neutralize suffering by cultivating a radically liberating self-understanding.

All are welcome.

Suggested donation: $5-25 per class